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"create the home that enhances your life"

Mission Statement

The mission of Right Home Consulting is to help people make the best decisions about what they need and want in a custom home, and ultimately to improve the process of residential design, benefiting owners, designers, builders, and the environment.

Corporate Values

Right Home Consulting will develop and maintain the highest quality, informed and up-to-date information, services, and products for its clients and associates.
Right Home Consulting will serve the community by stimulating the architectural design market, teaching, giving presentations, and advising clients to further the goals of sound residential planning and sustainable design.
Right Home Consulting will always choose interest in the best, holistic environmental answers to issues over those that are most convenient, expeditious, popular, or profitable.
Right Home Consulting will inform its clients about the most appropriate sustainable-design technologies for their homes and encourage them to employ those that best match their goals and needs.

Corporate Name

Carl JungRight Home Consulting was named in honor of two very famous people and their contributions to Eastern and Western philosophies. Carl Jung, the famous psychologist, used the term "right home" to refer to a home that was fittingly designed for its occupants and was nurturing to them on many levels. He believed it was every architect's ultimate goal to design a "right home" for his clients. Secondly, the English translations of the Buddha"s teachings of the Noble Eightfold Path includes elements such as right effort, right speech, and right livelihood. Not unlike Christianity's Ten Commandments, this path represented a prescription for skillful living and reduced suffering. Paying homage to both the Buddha and Carl Jung, the corporate name is intended to suggest that a "right home" can nurture its owners, honor the environment, promote skillful living, and enhance life.

About Dwight Miller

Dwight MillerDwight Miller holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Lafayette College, a PhD in Psychology from The Ohio State University, and has been helping people design complex systems and environments since 1981. While he was a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories, he worked closely with engineering and architectural professionals designing systems and buildings that anticipated and supported user needs. During the early 1990s Dwight established and managed Sandia's Ergonomics Program, which succeeded at reducing work-related, repetitive-motion injuries by 80 percent.

As his interest in the environment-behavior relationship increased, he began teaching courses on Human Factors in Design and Architectural Research Methods in the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of New Mexico. He also chaired the 35th Annual Meeting of the Environmental Design Research Association in Albuquerque, where over 325 architects, psychologists, and academics gathered to share their latest research findings and discuss the current issues in environment-behavior research.

After many satisfying years with Sandia Labs, Dwight decided to create a unique business, helping people design homes that support all aspects of their values and lifestyles. Dwight is also a Certified Professional Ergonomist and consults with architects, planners, lawyers and homeowners on how people interact with industrial equipment, office systems, and the built environment. He lives in Cedar Crest, New Mexico and enjoys classical music, cooking, Nordic skiing, and travel.

You can view Dwight's resume here.

Media Exposure

If you are wondering what the print media have to say about Right Home Consulting, check out the following articles. The first four are from Living Naturally Magazine while the last is a press release from the Sandoval Signpost, a monthy newspaper in Placitas, New Mexico. Design the Right Home Around You explains how the residential programming process sets the stage for the best possible fit in a custom-home design. Can Architectural Design Affect My Health and Well-Being? discusses how discoveries in the field of Environment-Behavior Research inform architectural design and improve its impact on the human condition. Is it Time to Remodel? addresses the practical and personal decisions involved in adding or modifying space in one's home. Is Building Green Right for You? demonstrates how the many decisions involved in going green need to be carefully considered by each one of us. Finally, Eliminating the "Cut-and-Try" Approach in the Business section of the August 2008 Sandoval Signpost explains several of the motivations behind Right Home Consulting and its owner.

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