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Construction Costs

The following building costs and ideas about green building were provided by Vishu Magee, a talented home designer in Taos, New Mexico, and a valued supporter of the Right Home Consulting mission. The costs are from his November 2008 Construction Costs Handbook for custom homes in the Taos area. The cost estimates provided here are for the planning convenience of Right Home Consulting clients and should be verified by local suppliers before doing detailed residential budget planning.

General Costs
(Costs in this category include contractor's profit and overhead, but do not include tax.)
Economy home$150-$175 p.s.f.
Low-end custom home$200-$225 p.s.f.
Mid-range custom home$250-$275 p.s.f.
High-end custom home$300 p.s.f. and up
2x6 garage, insulated, slab, stucco, sheetrock$115-$135 p.s.f.
Typical portal w. slab floor$95-$115 p.s.f.
Typical carport w. slab floor$95-$115 p.s.f.
Typical kitchen$300-$350 p.s.f.
Typical bath$300-$350 p.s.f.
Typical LR or BR$150-$200 p.s.f.
Radical remodel$100-$175 p.s.f.
Permits per $1,000$2.50-$4.75
Workers Comp insurance15-20% of payroll
Contractor profit & overheadtypically 15%
Gross Receipts taxtown 7.9375% county 6.875%
Annual price increaseshistorically 5-7%, recently volatile
Site Development
Waterwell w. PVC casing$25-$30 p.f.
add for steel casing$15 p.f.
typical pump/wire/control package$5,000-$7,000
300' waterwell complete$15,000-$20,000
750 gal. septic for well housing$1,250
1,000 gal. septic system$4,000-$6,000
1,500 gal. septic system$5,000-$7,500
3" sewer line with trench$6.50-$8.00 p.l.f..
4" sewer line with trench$7.50-$9.00 p.l.f.
1" natural gas line with trench$6.00 p.l.f.
1" LP gas line with trench$6.00 p.l.f.
1" wirsbo water line with trench$8.00 p.l.f.
1" Sch. 40 PVC w. trench$7.50 p.l.f.
Primary underground electric line*$3.95 p.l.f.
Electrical transformervaries
100 Amp meter base with disconnect$800-$1,200
200 Amp meter base with disconnec$1,200-$1,600
Secondary underground electric cable*$3.50-$5.00 p.l.f.
14' roadway (graded, 6" base course)$14-$16 p.l.f.
18' x 12" culvert$400-$500
4' deep utility trench$4.00-$7.00 p.l.f.
Backhoe/bobcat per hour$80-$100
Underground telephone line:$0-$2.00 p.l.f.
Unit Costs
2'x 2' footing trench$3.50-$6.50 p.l.f.
10"x 24" concrete footings$14-$18 p.l.f.
8" CMU stem wall, three courses$22-$25 p.l.f.
Concrete slab including subgrade$10-$15 p.s.f.
1" insulation beneath slab$1.00-$1.50 p.s.f.
2" insulation beneath slab$2.00-$3.00 p.s.f.
Complete typ. foundations through slab$24-$28 p.s.f.
Tinted concreteadd  $1.00 p.s.f.
Acid stained concreteadd $4.00-$6.00 p.s.f.
11-1/4" joisted TJI subfloor w. I" ply$8.00-$10.00 p.s.f.
Wall systemssee #6 below
2x4 partitions$12-$14 p.l.f.
2x6 partitions$14-$18 p.l.f.
Drywall 1/2" taped/textured$2.00-$2.50 p.s.f.
Windows: 3248 clad casement, lo-e*$400-$450
Windows: economy 3248 clad casement*$200
Skylights: 22"x46" and 46"x46"*$140/$180
2246 operable skylight*$350
2246 Velux roof window*$775
10" Solatube skyligh*$325
8" vigas*$5.50 p.l.f.
10" vigas*$6.00 p.l.f.
12" vigas*$7.00 p.l.f.
6x8 roughcut beams*$3.50 p.l.f.
8x8 roughcut beams*$5.50 p.l.f.
Ceilings: 10" viga/herringbone aspen latilla$15-$18 p.s.f.
Ceilings: 10" viga/coved plaster$16-$20 p.s.f.
Ceilings: 10" viga/herringbone roughcut$12-$14 p.s.f.
Ceilings: 10" viga/herringbone T&G$11-$14 p.s.f.
Ceilings: deduct for 6x8 beams$1.00
Roof framing: 2x8 sys. with L" CDX$9-$11 p.s.f.
Engineered trusses*$7-$9 p.l.f.
5/8" CDX Roof Deck$1.75-$2.00 p.s.f.
Canale w. galvanized flashing*$325
Canale w. copper flashing*$475
Extended viga canopies, copper$65-$85
2" rigid polystyrene insulation (walls)$1.00-$1.20 p.s.f.
2x6 R-19 batt insulation$.80-$1.00 p.s.f.
2x10 R-30 batts$1.00-$1.25 p.s.f.
2x12 R-38 batts$1.25-$1.50 p.s.f.
R-38 blown-in$1.25-$1.50 p.s.f..
2" spray foam insulation (walls)$2.50-$3.00 p.s.f.
Typ. insulation package for 2,000 sf 2x6 home$4,000-$6,000
Brai roofing$2.00-$2.25 p.s.f.
"Pro-Panel" metal roofing$2.25-$2.75 p.s.f.
5" foam roof system$6.00-$7.00 p.s.f.
26 ga. galv. corrugated roofing$4.00-$7.00 p.s.f.
Interior chicken wire for plaster$15-$18 per square yard (9s.f.)
2-coat floated structolite plaster w. wirecoat$36-$40 p.s.y.
3-coat hardtroweled interior plaster w. wirecoat$40-$55 p.s.y.
Dyed plaster add*$.50-$.85 p.s.f.
2-coats interior paint$.90 - $1.10 p.s.f.
Stain/seal per 2,000sf house$12,000-$15,000
Seal/stain wood ceiling$3.50 p.s.f.
Door finish, 3 coats$165
Wood window finish, 3 coats$150
Exterior stucco netting for plaster10-$12 p.s.y.
2-coat stucco system w. wirecoat$30-$36 p.s.y.
3-coat conventional plaster system w. wirecoat$40 p.s.y..
3-coat elastomeric plaster system w. wirecoat$45 p.s.y.
Add for reinforcing mesh$1.50 p.s.y.
Super saltillo tile$7-$9 p.s.f.*
Labor p.s.f. for floor tile$6-$8
1-1/4" brick pavers on slab$8.00-$10.00 p.s.f.
Flagstone on slab$20-$24 p.s.f. and up
#2 red oak flooring with baseboard$12-$15 p.s.f.
Base custom cabinets$275-$375 p.l.f.
Prep for countertop$5-$9 p.l.f.
Upper custom cabinets$225-$275 p.l.f.
Granite/marble slab countertop$125-$175 p.s.f.
Sandstone slab countertop$100-$150 p.s.f.
Talavera tile countertop$12-$16 p.s.f.
Tumbled marble countertop$15-$20 p.s.f.
Maple countertop$12-$15 p.s.f.
Caesarstone countertop$100-$120 p.s.f.
Typical shower pan w. mudbed$350-$500
Talavera tile surround$7-$9 p.s.f.
Tumbled marble tile surround$15-$20 p.s.f.
Prep surfaces for surround tile$4-$6 p.s.f.
Typical labor charge for kitchen/bath tile$10-$15 p.s.f.
Tiled bath nicho$200-$300
Typ. bathroom fan$400-$500
Cedar deck including posts and railing$20-$25 p.s.f.
8"x 8" glass block$18-$20 p.s.f.*
Typ. shower door$275-$350
Frameless shower door$800-$1,500
Mirrors$7-$8 p.s.f.
Closet systems$15-$50 p.l.f.
Nichos each$200
Arches each$300
Pre-hung 2868 doors$250-$750 and up exterior 2668 doors $500-$900 and up
Door hardwareinterior $40-$150* and up; exterior $350-$1,000 and up
7'x16' garage door$1,200-$2,000*
1/2 h.p. door opener$325*
Corner fireplaces$5,000-$7,500
CMU core for stone fireplace$7,000-$12,000
Stone fireplace finish$10,000-$20,000
Woodstove chimney system$300-$500*
Gas stove$2,000-$3,000*
Stairs, oak$275-$425 per riser
Anasazi stone veneer$25-$35 p.s.f.
Cut stone veneer$40-$60 p.s.f.
Refrigerator$750-$2,000* and up
Cooktop$750-$1,500* and up
Double wall oven$1,000-$2,000* and up
Slide-in range$500-$1,200* and up
Dishwasher$300-$700* and up
Microwave$150-$300* and up
Clothes washer$400-$1,000* and up
Clothes dryer$400-$1,000* and up
Hot tub$3,000-$7,000* and up
Central vacuum systems$2,500-$5,000
Plumbing & Heating
30 gal. pressure tank$400-$550*
Water softener$1,200-$3,000*
Backwashing sediment filter$500-800*
Cartridge sediment filter$100-$250*
Reverse osmosis system$500-$1,500*
Radiant heat 12" centers. tubing only$2.00 p.s.f.
Radiant heat 6" centers, tubing only$3.00 p.s.f.
Hot water baseboard p.l.f$12-$15
Controls/valves per heating zone$600-$700
Boiler for typical 2,000sf house$4,000-$6,000
40 gal. hi-recovery hot water heater$800-$1,000*
40 gal. "Sidekick" hot water storage tank$1,300-$1,600*
Swamp cooler$2,000-$2,500
Air conditioning$18-$22 p.s.f.
Recirc pump and piping for hot water$600-$800
117 BTU Aquastar water heater$1,000-$1,200*
Floor drain$300-$400
Rough-in per fixture$750-$1,000
Installation per fixture$350-$500
Ductwork per bathroom fan$170-$210
Ductwork per range hood$225-$325
Frost-free hose faucet$100-$150
Frost-free standpipe faucet$200-$300
Typical cast iron bathtub$600-$800*
Typical tub/shower valve$175-$350*
Typical shower valve$250-$500*
Typical lav faucet$150-$250*
Typical toilet$400-$600*
Typical 2-basin stainless kitchen sink$250-$300
Typical kitchen faucet with sprayer*$250-$400
Typical vitreous lavatory*$125-$200
Electrical Wiring
100 Amp breaker panel$600-$800
200 Amp breaker panel$800-$1,200
Z Rough-in and dacora trim per switch or plug: $80-$110
Rough-in per light fixture or 110.v appliance$80-$110
220v 50' to oven or hot tub$600-$800
220v 50' to dryer$300-$400
Typical bathroom fan less ductwork$90-$110
Typical bathroom fan/light/heater less ductwork$300-$450
Floor devices–electrical or telephone$250-$300
Central surge protection$400-$600
Rough-in per doorbell and chime$250-$350
Rough-in and trim per audio speaker$150-$200
Rough-in and trim per telephone jack$80-$100
Rough-in and trim per TV jack$80-$100
Rough-in and trim per Cat-5 outlet$95-$115
Typical dimmer installed$100-$135
Typical recessed light installed$100-$135
Typical LV recessed light installed$175-$250
Low voltage transformer installed$250-$325
Surfacemount light fixture installation$65-$90*
18" closet fluorescent$35*
Ceiling fixtures, basic$20-$75*
Wall sconce, ceramic or copper$50-$175*
8' track$60-$80
Track light fixtures$50-$150*
Lo-voltage track fixtures w. transformer$150-$250*
Exterior floods$40-$50*
Bathroom bar lights$50-$150*
Bathroom valances, copper$100-$250*
Doorbell and chime$40-$125*
Ceiling fan$150-$300*
Comparative Costs: Wall Systems
(for 8' high plaster-prepped wall from slab to and including bond beam: R-value adjusted to reflect actual performance)
14" rastra$130-$135 p.l.f. (R=40)
12" rastra$125-$130 p.l.f. (R=36)
10" rastra$120-$125 p.l.f. (R=32)
14" adobe with 2" insulation$100-$110 p.l.f. (R=22)
10" adobe with 2" insulation$90-$100 p.l.f. (R=19)
14" pumice-crete$95-$105 p.l.f. (R=24-28)
18" strawbale with timberframe structure$55-$60 p.l.f. (R=46-48)
2x6 frame, drywall int., plywood ext.$60-$70 p.l.f. (R=19)
2x8 frame, drywall int. plywood ext.$65-$80 p.l.f. (R=24)
2x10 frame, drywall int. plywood ext.$70-$80 p.l.f. (R=30)
Specialty Systems
Typical security system - rough-in only$350-$875
Typical security system - complete$2,000-$3,000
Security monitoring$75/month
Satellite TVusually free w. subscription
Satellite internet$800-$1,000 and $50-$70/mo.
Whole house cellular interface$500-$1,000
"Structured" wiring for audio/video/telecom$275-$375/drop
LCD TV$1,000* and up
Home theater components$250* (basic) $1,000* and up (quality)
Whole house state of the art audio-video$20,000 and up
Fire suppression system$15-$20 p.s.f.
Central vacuum system$3,500-$4,00
(installed including soil amendments)
1-gal. plant$11-$15
5-gal. plant$48-$55
15-gal. plant$150-$215
Bluegrass sod w. 4" topsoil$4-$6 p.s.f.
Pinon per foot$25-$30*
Pine or spruce per foot$25-$30*
Fruit tree, 5 gal.$50-$60
Fruit tree, 15 gal.$150-$200
Shade tree, 15 gal.$200-$250
Weed barrier installed$.35 p.s.f.
4" topsoil$.75 p.s.f.
Shredded bark topping installed$.56 p.s.f.
typical 4-zone drip irrigation timer/filter/valves from underground supply$1,500-$2,000
Drip irrigation per plant$3-$6
Water features$1,500 and up
6'-8' latilla fence$20-$30 p.l.f.
6' masonry wall$50-$200 p.l.f.
Mossrock walls per s.f. of face$25-$30
Flagstone on sand$15-$20 p.s.f.
Flagstone on concrete$18-$22 p.s.f.
Brick on sand$10-$12 p.s.f.
Low voltage lighting per fixture$20-$120
Related Costs
Appraisal per plans/specs$500-$750
Appraisal of house$500-$750
Certified home inspection$275-$500
Builder's Risk insurance per $100,000$20-$42
Water test, local$75-$100
Water test, National Testing Laboratories$325
Realtors' commission, improved property6%
MortgageCosts and rates vary.
Survey, typ. house on 2 acre$1,000-$1,500
Improvement location report$400
1/2 acre topographical survey$1,000-$1,200
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