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Residential Programming Services

Residential programming, or systematic home planning, is the primary service provided by Right Home Consulting. It is performed using several techniques from design psychology, including interviews, questionnaires, personality inventories, reviewing previous homes lived in, and interactive exercises. Clients will also identify their favorite styles of exteriors and interiors of homes via computer images. After working with the owners for several days, Dr. Miller will write up the design program with the concurrence of the owners. This programming document is used to communicate to the designer or builder what is needed in the design. The design program specifies everything from the overall design goals to the number of square feet needed for each functional space. The program can also be used by the owners to design their own home. If required, Dr. Miller can also help identify the most suitable architects, residential designers, and builders in the area for the project.

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If the clients are considering staying in an occupied home and expanding or remodeling the space to increase its livability or energy efficiency, Right Home Consulting can help. This process does not go as deeply into the clients' personal beliefs, values and personalities as a new-construction, residential program would, but there are a few questionnaires and a site visit involved. The client is expected to have some ideas about the problems that need to be solved and the overall goals of the project prior to getting Right Home Consulting involved. Specific ideas about what to do nor how much energy needs to be saved need not be formulated at the time of consultation.

LEED Integrated Project Management

After the writing the design program for his clients, Dr. Miller takes a leadership role in assembling the design/construction team and managing the early phases of the project. He recommends architects/designers/builders/landscapers whom he thinks would be best able to create and articulate design solutions for the homeowners, and arranges interviews to assess project/schedule/fee compatibility and team "chemistry." He also coordinates project meetings, where the team decides the green-building goals and LEED certification points that will be sought in the design and construction phases. He advises the team on the most appropriate sustainable technologies and coordinates the paperwork needed to register the project for LEED certification and any applicable Federal and State tax incentives. During project design, he meets regularly with the architect/designer to ensure that the design program is being followed, and if variances are contemplated, represents his clients' interests in any negotiations. He also supervises the post-construction rating and certification of the building.

Site Analysis

If the clients already have purchased land, or are considering several properties, an optional site analysis can be performed. This involves visiting and examining the future potential building site and evaluating suitability for the project, terrain compatibility, architectural context, and available resources, such as ground water and power lines. After all of the data for the site have been analyzed, the ideal building location can be identified. It should be noted that this process is best used in conjunction with real-estate appraisals and considerations, not as a substitute.

Sustainability Consulting

This work is applicable toward remodeling and new construction projects. Dr. Miller has a great interest in sustainable design, and is an active member of the US Green Building Council - New Mexico Chapter, Build Green New Mexico, and A Center for Advancing Sustainable Architecture (CASA). He participates in the biannual Green Building Summit, sponsored by CASA, and attends informative luncheons and training workshops sponsored by USGBC-NM. He is also pursuing accreditation as a LEED for Homes Accredited Professional (LEED AP) Consultant, so that he can provide his clients the best and most recent information on sustainable design and building practices under the auspices of the US Green Building Council. He has many professional connections with green designers and builders and has access to the latest information on City, County, State, and Federal tax incentives for homeowners who go green.

Ergonomics Consulting

Dr. Miller has been a Certified Professional Ergonomist since 1993. He has developed tools and methods for evaluating ergonomic stressors in the workplace and has years of field experience helping people discover the physical stressors that can lead to pain and immobility. He initiated and managed Sandia National Laboratories' Ergonomics Program in 1991, which won several corporate awards and served as a model for the rest of the Department of Energy. He currently integrates ergonomic principles into his work as an environmental consultant and occasionally performs worksite evaluations and training for employers. In his residential consulting, Dr.Miller often relies on his expertise in ergonomics and human-factors engineering to develop solutions that best meet the physical and cognitive needs of his clients.

Feng Shui Consulting

While not a certified feng-shui practitioner, Dr. Miller continually entertains his curiosity by attending workshops and reading numerous books on the topic. He does not consider nor market himself as a feng-shui expert, but looks at home energetics through that lens and often performs rudimentary Black-Hat, feng-shui analyses for clients upon request.

Vastu Consulting

Similar in concept to Feng Shui, Vastu comes from Vaastu Shastra, the ancient art of orientation and design, used for centuries in India. Vastu uses compass directions and consideration of the five elements to make optimal decisions about how a home should be situated on a building site and where things should be located in the home for best energy flow. While not a certificated consultant in this field, Dr. Miller uses it in his holistic approach to residential design.


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