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The Schillers "We were at the initial stages of planning our new home and wondering what we should do next. We talked with Dwight Miller at Right Home Consulting, and after a couple hours, felt much better about the intimidating process of designing and building a custom home. My husband and I have very different histories and experiences with homes, and we were concerned about designing a place that would be suitable for both of us. In our work with Dwight we discovered that we were very compatible on 27 out of 30 dimensions of what we value in a home. We also had a lot of overlap on style preferences. Our love for the outdoors, pets, and our hobbies led to a plan to design a complete homestead rather than just a house. Everything we need is included in our 19-page design program, including passive-solar/woodstove heating, a gray-water system, and a meditation room. Dwight also introduced us to architects and builders who were competent in green-building techniques. Overall, we were very satisfied with the process, the price, and would recommend RHC to anyone wanting to design a very special home."

Vickie Schiller
Sandia Park, NM

Teresita Mendez "I saw Dr. Miller's article in the local magazine and called him about my security problem around my house. He came over and listened to my concerns and walked around the house with me, taking notes. About a week later he had a written report with pictures talking about my security issues, my heating problems during winter, and my ideas for a back screen porch. I appreciate that he addressed more than just security. Dr. Miller is very professional and I think his ideas were very appropriate for my situation. I will tell my friends about him and recommend his consulting services to others as well."

Teresita Mendez
Albuquerque, NM

David Humble"As an architect, I have worked with Dwight Miller on design projects for over 15 years, mostly while we were both at Sandia National Laboratories. When he was the manager of the Corporate Ergonomics Program, he helped change the culture within our Facilities organizations to provide ergonomic chairs and workstations for the staff, and design offices that supported specific work requirements. He performed the programming and helped design the workspace for the Advanced Concepts Group, Sandia's first 'think tank.' Then, after the space had been used for 18 months, he developed procedures and questionnaires for the post-occupancy evaluation, which informed us as to how well we designed the space to meet the occupants' needs. I was very impressed with the way Dwight phrased the questionnaires to not lead the participant to answers but rather extracted honest answers. Dwight also performed a behavioral analysis on the plans for the new engineering complex. He also wrote documents for my management advocating institutionalized pre-and post-design techniques to continuously improve our designs and streamline costs.

Now that Dwight has retired from the Labs, he is continuing to help people interface with architecture. His groundbreaking programming techniques set new market standards for custom-home design and green-building. Architects are generally trained to develop programs but Dwight takes it a step farther in that he focuses on the psychological aspects of the clients' life and how it influences the design of a custom home. As a home designer, I really appreciate the programs Dwight develops for his clients. They let me know, in great detail, the needs, lifestyles, values, and preferences of the clients. He also provides design-team project leadership, an approach recommended by the USGBC's LEED for Homes green-building program. These approaches to custom-home design can lead to much better harmony among the homeowners, their homes, and the environment. Dwight has a long history of improving the understanding of how people relate to architecture-through his work and his university teaching. I recommend Dwight's services without hesitation to other architects and homeowners interested in developing people-friendly environments."

David Humble, Registered Architect, LEED-AP
Humble Homes
DJ Sustainable Design, LLC

"I consulted Dwight Miller when I began planning a passive solar addition to my North Valley home. We met with my contractor and discussed the the floor plan and the possibility of bringing the collected heat into the rest of the house. Dwight's input prompted me to see the practical aspects of the design and to think about the many ways I could use the space. Working with Dwight has been wonderful --he energized my project and has given me confidence to go ahead with my dream. I can recommend him with confidence to anyone thinking about remodeling their home."
Irene Walkiw, DOM
Albuquerque, NM

Christy Pollard"Because most of our employees use computer workstations, Dr. Dwight Miller was contacted to perform ergonomic assessments for 19 of our staff at Directory Plus. He began his visit with a slide presentation for managers that addressed the benefits of a good ergonomics program. A subsequent, longer briefing for the staff, covered correct ergonomic postures, the benefits of frequent breaks, and the consequences of not using ergonomic work practices. Later that same day, individual one-hour worksite evaluations began. By the time Dr. Miller met with employees, many had already made positive changes at their workstations. The evaluations were systematic and personalized. Several measurements were taken and adjustments made for seated postures, wrist angles, monitor heights, document holders and task lighting. Some employees experienced relief almost immediately.

Shortly after the visit, Directory Plus received a thorough report that included measurements, interpretations, and recommendations for each employee. Many recommendations were implemented immediately with minimal expense to the company. We are delighted with Dr. Miller's work and believe that his fee, though quite reasonable, will more than be offset by the savings from decreased medical expenses, insurance claims, and lost-time injuries--not to mention the improved productivity and morale of the staff. Dr. Miller receives my highest recommendation for finding and fixing ergonomics related problems and teaching staff the benefits of good work practices."

Christy Pollard
Manager, Graphic Arts & Production
Directory Plus
Durango, CO

Jay Wulf"With the large rooms, tall ceilings and hard surfaces in my restaurant, people had difficulty carrying on simple conversations or enjoying live music. I suspect that I lost some business from it. I asked Dwight Miller to take a look at the problem and come up with suggestions. He measured each surface, noted the material, recorded noise levels, and calculated the amount of reverberation for my two dining rooms. It was well over the maximum acceptable industry levels for comfortable speech comprehension.

Dwight calculated the benefits of several different fixes and discussed them with me. I was surprised to learn that what I thought would fix the problems were very expensive and fell well short of solving them. Dwight wrote a detailed report with prioritized solutions and explained what each would do to reduce or contain noise sources and absorb unwanted reflections around the restaurant. He concentrated on solutions that were inexpensive, effective, and that were sensitive to the hygiene and visual appeal of my dining rooms. I have implemented several of his solutions with great success. People can now converse comfortably even during live music events. Dwight continues to suggest ways to avoid or abate noise at the GreenSide. He has been a joy to work with and I highly recommend him to anyone concerned with acoustical problems."

Jay Wulf
Owner, GreenSide Cafe
Cedar Crest, NM
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