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Right Home Consulting is dedicated to helping people make the right decisions about how to design a new home or remodel an existing home. The result is a right-sized home, which is beautiful, efficient, economical, meets all the needs of its owners, and is energetically nurturing. Making the right decisions up-front also reduces net project costs.

Services include residential programming, site analysis, planning remodels, sustainability consulting, LEED integrated project management, feng shui, ergonomics, and identifying the best designers and builders in Central and Northern New Mexico for your project. Right Home Consulting helps homeowners avoid many of the common mistakes made in planning and designing custom homes.

Residential programming is the best, first logical step in planning a custom home. Using proven scientific principles, the approach begins with the owner's residential history, values, culture, personality and lifestyle in order to discover what is important to the homeowners. Design requirements are then developed and communicated to the designer via a written "design program." Right Home Consulting can also lead your design/construction team in qualifying your home for LEED certification.

The owner and principal consultant of Right Home Consulting is Dr. Dwight Miller, who is New Mexico's leading residential-design consultant. Dwight has been helping people plan complex systems and environments for 28 years. Contact him today for a free initial discussion of your project.

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